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Serving Retail Jewelers, Manufacturers & Designers for 50 Years

Founded in 1962 by Akiva Gil and his son, Joseph, the Akiva Gil Company has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of fine colored gemstones in the United States. With its extensive inventory and superior customer service, many prominent jewelery companies and designers rely on Akiva Gil Company for their color gemstone needs.

The proprietors of the Company travel the world seeking fine colored gemstones. And, in fact, are often involved in mining the rough and cutting the stones in to gems. Joseph Gil has been involved in the discovery of new gemstone materials, like Raspberry Rhodolite, as well as the discovery of new mines for Pink Spinel, Tsavorite, Malaya Garnet, and Green Beryl.


The Akiva Gil Company constantly strives to meet the evolving needs of its customers. As such, it recently began designing fine jewelry featuring its colored gemstones for customers that no longer make their own jewelry.

Akiva Gil was a founding member of the AGTA and is a proud member of the NYGA.


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